Our services

We offer exceptional service with complimentary hugs.

Custom-made games

you have a Facebook page that represents your brand, a new product to advertise, you've come to the right place.

Product placement

Facebook, Android, iOS, we create the game, you place your product in it, it is as simple as that!

Virtual Reality

We create amazing VR gameplay experiences


Mobile games, virtual and augmented reality games for mobile platforms, you name it! serious games too!

Our projects

Baguette Runner

A facebook game, 3D runner game to promote the brand baguette & baguette with a fun little characters

Infra Red throwing game

A facebook game, a throwing game to promote infra red optic stores in tunisia, the environment is in one of the stores

Tek-Up Runner

A facebook game, 3D runner game to promote tek-up university, the environment is situated in the capital of tunisia with a cartoon touch


The best of the best are making all of this possible, brainstorming and good ideas emaning from the members of media-tek, ideas that can attract thousands or more of players.

Let’s Talk Business.


04 rue Ezzahra
2037 Borj Baccouch, ARIANA.


27 667 666 | 29 338 850


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Saturday - Sunday: Why Not ?
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